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Knowledge Harvesting Services

The goal of most Knowledge Harvesting projects is to go beyond the obvious and to tangibly document insights which help to transform the organization. Transformation is realized by the design and introduction of a systematic approach (documented processes and key decision points, communications, and IT support) which enhances how a vital portion of the value chain is accomplished.

Knowledge Harvesting® projects typically yield a seven to sixteen-fold return-oninvestment. Consulting projects can be delivered turn-key or with the aid of your staff (who thereby enhance their skills.)

Knowledge Capture

Knowledge Harvesting consultants can be engaged to elicit, capture and package critical knowledge from subject matter experts. A typical Knowledge Harvesting project is focused on a particular expert or experts. Organizations seek to “find out how George knows exactly where to drill (and where not to drill), how Sam troubleshoots equipment problems, how Liz goes about designing new products.” The process is designed to get at not only what the expert knows about a particular domain, task, or aspect of work, but also specific how-to and conditional knowledge (when, why, whether, etc.). The results of Knowledge Harvesting are a rich multi-dimensional view of work.

Work Profiling™

Work Profiling ™ is an award-winning process and technology for profiling individuals and jobs. It is a complement to and often a starter program for more in-depth Knowledge Harvesting.

Strategic Focus Workshops

Strategic Focus workshops are designed to help organizations identify the knowledge that is most critical and the areas where you’re most at risk. Strategic Focus is often a critical first step in a Knowledge Harvesting project because it ensures you’ll get the biggest return on your investment by focusing your time and effort on the most important areas. This program is sold as a “first step” and as a standalone program. The results from this program provide valuable measures and insight that are useful not only in driving KH inititives but for other organizational concerns as well.

Knowledge Harvesting Training

Knowledge Harvesting provides training workshops and mentoring programs which enable companies to institutionalize Knowledge Harvesting.

The Payoff

Here are reasons why organizations are compelled to implement Knowledge Harvesting services:

  • Minimize risk associated with brain drain (not having access to top-performer expertise.)
  • Move work from one group to another in order to reduce or avoid cost.
  • Improve the overall level of productivity of a group (department, division.)
  • Build a new product and increase or protect revenue.
  • Embed operational and troubleshooting knowledge into an electronic product.
  • Optimize human, technology and physical assets.
  • Enhance agility (adaptability, innovation.)

Our Commitment

In service to your organization, expect us to:

  • Offer new insights and perspectives
  • Understand how your organization works and how our actions affect your organization
  • Think holistically about your organization and its issues
  • Draw upon our learning in one industry to apply to another
  • Be eager to share what we know so that your people develop their talents and knowledge
  • Recognize that we are part of the team and enjoy working with others for the benefit of your organization

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