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In service to your organization, expect us to:

  • Offer new insights and perspectives

  • Understand how your organization works and how our actions affect your organization

  • Think holistically about your organization and its issues

  • Draw upon our learning in one industry to apply to another

  • Be eager to share what we know so that your people develop their talents and knowledge

  • Recognize that we are part of the team and enjoy working with others for the benefit of your organization


Go beyond existing processes and procedures.

Capture, model, and contextualize complex knowledge and business insight.

Help experts make their thinking tangible so that others can apply vital know-how.

  • Minimize risk associated with brain drain

  • Minimize risk associated with not having access to top-performer expertise

  • Move work from one group to another in order to reduce or avoid costs

  • Improve the overall level of productivity of a group or a department

  • Build a new product and increase or protect revenue

  • Embed operational and troubleshooting knowledge into an electronic product

  • Optimize human, technology, or physical assets

  • Enhance speed and innovation

  • Transform


To know the system, step outside the system.

Reveal systems and context with:


Deliver mission-critical, complex apps


A foundation for neuro-symbolic AI

Leveraging domain expertise to deeply integrate knowledge representations, symbolic reasoning, and data-driven learning

Services: Services
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